A - Date Feeding Band
B - Vibrator: this machine enables the product to be separated from any waste and/or residues before the product arrives at the selection band. The air blowing mechanism was integrated in the machine.
C - Selection band: the dates are selected by the workers manually. The dates to be selected on this band shall be put into two different sections. The variable sizes are produced upon requested specifications.
D - Date feeding band: This band conveys the dates arrived from the selection band to the washing band.
E - Washing unit: the dates are washed from both directions i.e. top and bottom the dried throught the fan located on the exit section of the unit.
F - Steam tunnel: This machine sprays the steam over the dates fallowing the washing process. The machine has the thermostatic vane so the inside steam temperature can be adjusted accordingly.
G - Drying furnace: After steam process, the dates are dried thoroughly in this furnace. The inside temperature can be adjusted in the range of 0 - 200 C degree thermostatically. The tunnel is completely insulated.
H - Cooling tunnel: this unit blows out the cold air at 10-0 C degree over the warm dates in order to get the dates cold. The tunnel is completely insulated.

Technical specifications:
The machinery unit is available in any size and length at variable capacities upon request.

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